10 Exciting iPhone 7 Rumors


I expect very big things from the next iPhone: the iPhone 7. I feel like Apple’s gotten a bit lazy on the industrial design front over the last few years and I think it’s time for a relatively big change. It just feels due. Don’t get me wrong: I still think the iPhone is the most beautiful phone on the market (though I do like the looks of some other phones). But after awhile it gets a bit, well, boring. It’s not exciting anymore.

When the iPhone debuted it was EXCITING. Now it’s mundane. It’s a tool. As nice as 3D Touch is, as nice as a thinner phone is, as nice as a more powerful Siri is and as nice as each new iteration of iOS is — I want something more. Something that feels REALLY new and different and, yes, truly, genuinely, unmistakably exciting. Not just different for the sake of a scheduled yearly refresh, but something Steve Jobs would have drooled over rehearsing and unveiling. There are several rumors below which could come somewhat close… but I’m really hoping Apple has one more thing that we haven’t been able to guess up to this point that will BLOW US AWAY when the iPhone 7 debuts.

In any case, I’ve done my best to compile the 10 best, most-exciting, coolest, funnest iPhone ...

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