Need to Know Tech #1: Sylaps for the Best Video Meetings

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What do Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, and countless other video meeting applications have in common? They’re a hassle compared to the solution offered by a startups called Sylaps. The reasons are myriad: complicated downloads, annoying logins, remembering usernames, too many features, not enough features, having to explain features instead of holding an actual meeting, etc. Sylaps, on the other hand, is DEAD SIMPLE and, though I haven’t used it yet, I’m really excited that it exists.

Every weekday I write about one new tech product I think the world should know about. I call this the Tech You Need to Know (or TYNTK) series. Alright, back to today’s article!

The idea behind Sylaps is to just send people you want to meet with a URL. That’s it! No matter who they are or what device or operating system they use, you’ll be able to connect for video and audio calls, chat and file sharing. That’s a pretty incredible premise and one that is, for business people at least, pretty mouth watering.

I absolutely hate it (I cringe hard) when someone wants me to join a Webex or GoToMeeting session. Those software dinosaurs are the opposite of lean. They’re packed to the brim with features that, for most people, are frankly useless. Plus, setting up participants is a huge pain. Skype is not much ...

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