The 4 Best TV Brands, Ranked (the Gap Between #1 and #2 is HUGE)


What if I told you I knew for a fact that people are lusting after Samsung TVs more than any other brand of TVs? Would you believe me? Well it’s true according to IBM’s Watson (the famed super computer who won Jeopardy). Watson’s got a new app on iOS called Watson Trend that lets you see what tech consumers are most interested in this holiday season and the results are really fascinating.

Just a few days ago Watson Trend showed that people were most interested in the Apple Watch; it was the hottest tech gift of the season. Until… Samsung TVs took over the top ranked spot.

Watson Trend assigns a number from 0 to 100 that “indicates the strength of a trend by taking tens of millions of online conversations into account.” And Samsung TVs currently have a score of 100! The Apple Watch, the next closest tech item at the moment, only has a score of 77. So people are REALLY excited about Samsung TVs right now.

Watson Trend says people are “very pleased” with their Samsung TV purchases often calling them the best TVs they’ve ever owned. Additionally buyers are impressed with picture and sound quality and the affordability of Samsung’s 4K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) models.

Before I mention the 3 other TV brands people are most interested in this year (in ...

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