Need to Know Tech #2: TelePrompter for Better Public Speaking

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We all do more public speaking than we think: giving an actual speech, doing a presentation, leading a meeting, teaching a class… the list goes on. And I’m really excited about a new startup I found called TelePromptor which, as you might have guessed, makes reading your words easy and better. If you’re going to give a speech or a presentation, you might as well make it as awesome as possible. That includes planning and practicing, of course, but I could see TelePrompter as a must-have tool for anyone who wants to give a soul-stirring talk that actually leaves an impression on people.

Every weekday I write about one new tech product I think the world should know about. I call this the Tech You Need to Know (or TYNTK) series. If you missed yesterday’s article, here’s the link: Sylaps for the Best Video Meetings. Alright, back to today’s article!

What has me really excited about TelePromptor, initially, is the interface. It looks really good. The text is super readable and it works on ANY device. So you can use TelePromptor on your phone, your tablet or your laptop just as easily. Text within the interface is broken up into blocks that you can easily re-arrange by clicking and dragging. It’s also very easy to insert a timed break (the length of which is ...

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