Online Privacy is a Myth: 6 Eye-Popping Examples


Online privacy is not a given; it’s a luxury. To protect yourself you need to start by becoming aware of the various threats to your privacy and security. In this case I believe a little knowledge goes a very long way. As you’re about to find out, when it comes to the Internet it’s really not smart to trust anyone — individuals, of course, but also companies. Publishers employ ads that track casual readers (no account necessary), governments spy on their own citizens in the name of security, criminals hack away at personal information and companies who make apps and browser extensions sell user info on the cheap. This isn’t an article on how to protect your personal information, but rather an eye-opening look at why you need to protect your personal information in the first place. There are MANY more examples I could have included, these are just a few recent ones demonstrating how regular people are having their privacy violated — oftentimes without their knowledge or actual consent.

  1. High-profile iOS and Android apps are leaking your personal information. Researchers recently uncovered several well-known and heavily-used apps on both Android and iOS that are leaking personal information such as names, email addresses, location and even health data. Many of the apps are high-profile and it’s likely you’ve used or are currently using one of

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