This is Instagram in Real Life: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera Review

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What if you could bring the feel of vintage Instagram filters to life? What if you could print out your favorite Instagram photo with that artsy old-school filter and hold it in your hand or post it on your fridge or tape it to your monitor? That’s sort of what it’s like using the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera which prints out photos as you take them using real film. It’s the camera a real hipster would use and it’s definitely fun to use.

For my generation, cameras that aren’t digital aren’t nostalgia. We barely used them. For us, what’s old is really new. I’ve heard of Polaroid cameras; in fact, my step-dad had one when I was growing up and I know he really liked using it. But I never really used it, never got attached to it and grew up in an age where phones supplanted cameras for the average person who wasn’t a professional photographer. For me, cameras that print film are intriguing.


Actually it was my wife who said we should check out the Instax Mini 90. She was looking for something that could capture our toddler and provide some instant satisfaction in the physical world. It’s interesting because instant satisfaction is what my generation thrives on. When we post a photo to social media we can get immediate feedback from ...

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