How to Hire the Best Developers to Build an Amazing App: 3 Resources


If you have an app idea, but you’re a non-technical entrepreneur (meaning you don’t know how to code yourself) — or — you don’t have a technical co-founder, how do you build an app? There are definitively options. You could learn how to code (for free in many instances) or you could use a service like Kinetise to build an app with no coding knowledge required (and there are plenty of similar services if you search for them). Or you could approach an investor with your idea to secure some funding which would let you actually hire a team of coders — check out this interview with investor Seth Levine of Foundry Group for some tips on getting your startup funded and meeting with investors (skip to minute 3:43 in the video if you’re in a hurry). But there’s another really great option: hiring the best developers on a freelance basis.

In the past I wouldn’t have been super-excited about this option for several reasons. What if the relationship soured or the developer took a full-time job and there was nobody else who understood the original code? How do you keep a developer on-task and make sure a project reaches completion? How do you find the best programmers in the first place? The list goes on. But the three resources I’m about to show ...

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