WOW WOW WOW! Nearly Tripled My Productivity — Can it Help You Focus Too?

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Right now I’m a little over a minute into my first session. is a startup that offers sounds that claim to dramatically improve focus, relaxation and sleep. I’m giving it a try at 7:11 pm after just finishing up dinner and watching an episode of The Goldbergs on Hulu. It was a very busy day — something came up this morning which altered my usual morning routine of typing three articles (a list, a review and a news item). Because my morning was thrown off, so was my afternoon (where I like to work on a video or maybe a sponsored article if there’s one in the pipeline). That’s because my morning schedule shifted entirely into the afternoon and my afternoon schedule shifted into… oblivion. So here I am banging away at the keyboard tonight playing catchup on the third article of the day: the news item. And it just so happens that that news item is — a service that claims almost magical powers of helping you concentrate better (i.e. helps you be more productive). Just what I could use right now. gives you the option to listen 7 times before requiring that you signup and start paying. Fair enough. I went ahead and started a focus session: an electronic music focus session, to be exact. It’s a 30 minute ...

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