Apple’s Latest Product is Idiotic

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Apple’s new Smart Battery Case represents the worst of Apple and the iPhone. For years articles have been popping up notifying Apple that consumers don’t care about incrementally thinner iPhones. Tech enthusiasts who have a voice (bloggers, journalists) have been telling Apple to give people more battery life. Did Apple listen? No. Instead, they created another incrementally thinner iPhone — and then debuted a clunky battery case! I’m an Apple fanboy through and through, but this is one product I can’t just accept as awesome just because it came from the goose that lays the golden eggs. This egg is rotten. Today I’m taking a stand.

Apple: the iPhone Smart Battery Case is ugly. It’s un-Apple. It’s probably as good as a battery case could look — but I hate it. I hate the idea of it. You’re trying to up-sell me a feature (for $99) that I wanted included with my iPhone — more battery life. And if you had included more battery power in the iPhone itself, instead of in this offensive accessory, I’m sure the overall result would have been thinner than the iPhone 6s coupled with your new battery case. 

In review after review of iPhone cases, I’m constantly saying that I love the naked iPhone and that I hate cases that make it bulky. I’ve typed the sentiment that a ...

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