Polymail Looks Like The Best Mac Email App That Ever Existed

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My mind has just been blown by a new Mac email app called Polymail that does everything I’ve ever dreamed an email app could/should do and looks good in the process. It may sounds weird to be drooling over the possibility of using a new email app — on a Mac nonetheless (it’s not even on mobile) — but drool I am. Update: I got a chance to review Polymail — see what I thought!

I’ve been searching for the best new email app for Macs for a few months now and I’ve been really disappointed by what I’ve found. Postbox was… slow… and ugly. Boxy (a well-made Google Inbox client for Macs) is really nice but limited (yes, it’s email re-imagined, but it’s lacking some features I’d love to see). I’ll do a full review of Boxy soon. The list goes on — and so does my disappointment. But with Polymail I’m now disappointed for a different reason entirely: I can’t use it yet (and I’m DYING to). I’ve reached out to the Polymail team to see about hooking up a review, but in the meantime here’s everything I know and want to love about Polymail.

Polymail looks to be a very simple email app that does a lot. Does that sound contradictory? It’s not. It’s genius. Maybe a better way to say it ...

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