Withings Activite Steel Review: Bye-Bye Fitbit


If looks could kill, the Withings Activite Steel just killed all Fitbits. Several months ago I reviewed the Withings Activite Pop but today I’m going to throw that review out the window and start over from scratch: just as if I’d never seen another Withings Activite watch before in my life.

The Withings Activite Steel looks amazing, keeps things simple, can literally be worn anywhere, is my sleep tracker of choice and fits perfectly into the larger Withings HealthMate ecosystem.

If looks matter to you — if you’re obsessed with or even just care even slightly about fashion or style — then there is no better fitness/activity tracker than the Activite Steel. The stainless steel from which the watch derives it’s name frames and compliments a black watch face and band and the overall effect is, in a word, dapper.

To be frank I dislike the look of Fitbit products. I don’t dislike the functionality of Fitbits — they are great products — but they don’t look as great as they work. In the Withings Activite Steel, however, is a worthy competitor that officially puts all other fitness trackers on notice: it’s time to up your style game.

What I like most about the Activite Steel is that you can wear it anywhere. You can wear it to a black tie event just as easily ...

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