Canary Home Security System Review


Securing your home is important. Doing so with the latest high-tech gear for an affordable price feels awesome. And that’s exactly what you get with the Canary home security system.

Thus far in life I’ve been fortunate enough to have never had my house broken into. But someone did break into my car once while it was parked right outside in my driveway. It was unsettling enough that I became very interested in exploring the best home security systems.

Before getting a Canary I tried one other DIY home security system. It was a bit cumbersome and complicated and took me quite awhile to setup. I had to get a rather ugly hub setup and connected (via an ethernet cable) to the Internet and had to setup a bunch of sensors around my house (think doors and windows) which looked unsightly and ripped off paint when removed. And the app that came with this system was unintuitive and annoying; it alerted me every time I opened any door in my house. In the end, I ended up leaving the system disconnected; it’s elements continue to sit around my house like a security system graveyard.

And that experience is exactly why I was excited to check out Canary. It was advertised like the epitome of a simple and easy to use home security system ...

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