The 10 best alarm apps to wake your lazy butt up

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Waking up, like breaking up, is hard to do. But it can be a lot easier with the right alarm app. If you’re still relying upon an old alarm clock, the alarm app that came with your phone or no alarm at all, it’s time to get with it. Starting your dar off right — including starting it on time — is the first step to having an awesome day. Because it’s so important, an entire ecosystem of alarm apps has sprung up vying to be your goto wakeup buddy. There are a lot of really good alarm apps to choose from and I’ve rounded up ten of the best to help you out. Whether you’re into top quality design, fun features, social features, weird features or simply need an app that is guaranteed to wake you up (there are several here), you’re in the right place. Leave me a comment with some feedback if you’re tried any of these or like any in particular.

Wake Alarm

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Wake Alarm is full of really unique, fun features to help you get up in the morning. For instance, you can slap it, shake it or flip it to shut off the alarm or you can wake up to your own music. I like the interface a lot: you can use intuitive gestures — or your voice — ...

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