What? Watch Classic review: a watch that freezes moments in time

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From the moment I first heard about the What? Watch I knew I had to try it out. A watch that combines aspects of the old world and the new (traditional Swiss watch making and digital, app-connected functionality) was too much to resist for a tech reviewer like me.

Why? There’s no denying that mechanical watches have a certain appeal. To the Swiss, watchmaking isn’t just an art or even a science (although it is those things); it’s a lifestyle. Generations pass on knowledge and skilled craftspeople pour their soul into crafting high-quality timepieces. And the design is absolutely classic.

But we don’t live in an analog world anymore. We live in a hyper-connected world where technology makes rapid advances routinely. For most people under twenty, a watch in an Apple Watch or an Android Wear device. That’s just the way it is.

So a watch that tries to straddle the line between these two worlds and combine them somehow is an interesting experiment (to say the least). And the What? Watch tries to do this with one interesting feature in particular…

Freezing moments in time

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Each What? Watch has a dedicated button that, when pressed, is designed to “freeze” moments in time. Or rather to help facilitate the freezing of moments in time.

It works by hooking up with an app on your phone. ...

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