Ultimate YouTube and vlogging camera setup (best YouTube cameras)


It takes a decent amount of gear to get a YouTube channel off the ground. Recently I wrote a post called Vlogging for beginners: your first 5 equipment purchases which breaks down a lot of what you’ll need to get started ASIDE from a good camera. I also wrote a post a few months back detailing a few affordable 4K cameras which is worth checking out. But if I had the ability to give a new YouTuber a set of cameras right now, it would be the three below — all together.

You’ve probably heard that old saying, “Variety is the spice of life!” Well I personally feel that’s the case when it comes to shooting interesting YouTube videos. You COULD have one camera that you handle your entire workflow on, but that’s sort of the minimum viable entry point (and what 99% of YouTubers do). If you want to increase your channel/video engagement on YouTube (including the all-important watch time), keep things visually interesting by mixing up the type of footage and angles! And that is exactly what the cameras below will let you do. Together, these three cameras will give you a 4K workflow for incredibly detailed shots; you’ll have a hard-working main camera, a smooth action camera and an aerial camera.

A few notes. You definitely don’t NEED a camera setup this ...

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