Peach is going to be the next giant social network — guaranteed

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Snapchat is already a wrinkly old man in Internet time yet, surprisingly, given the amount of startups being unleashed on the public daily, nothing has come along with the power to true be crowned the next big thing until now. Until Peach.

Peach is a new social networking app that is only available for iOS at the moment (no Android or web support at launch). It comes to us from the guy who made Vine, a social network that was good enough for Twitter to purchase before it even launched.

What makes Peach interesting and cool and fun is it’s Slack-like interface (think command line) where users can insert GIFs, rate things (on a star system), easily share the music they are listening to, the weather, get people’s attention by “waving” or “booping” and, of course, share whats going on in their lives. It’s all about the “magic words” which let you create different post types.

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The interface is attractively simple and makes scanning through new content so quick and easy that you can consume A LOT in a very little time. The service is a little like Facebook in that it’s a walled garden and a little like Twitter in that you share short snippets of information.

Peach is going to be big. It’s already on it’s way. It’s a craze. People are ...

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