The 100 best, most-interesting podcasts for 2016


I used to think podcasts were… not for me. But recently, I’ve been blown away with their ability to expand my horizons. Podcasts can go places other forms of entertainment (and that other e word, education) can’t: you can listen to them on your commute or as you’re falling asleep at night (no disruptive blue light!).

Though I’ve been compiling a list of the top 100 websites every year for the last 5 years (and recently expanded into curating the top 100 Instagram accounts, top 100 YouTube channels, top 100 Viners among and other mega-lists), a top 100 podcasts list is new this year. But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile now because I was really interested to see what was out there and what I could load into my favorite podcast apps: Pocket Casts. Note: this is a forward-looking list of podcasts I think you should check out over the coming year.

When setting about to find the most awesome podcasts to include here I could have started with my list of ways to find the best new podcasts, but that’s not how I roll. Like my other top 100 lists, I keep track of items I find over a 1 year period and then curate that organic list into the list you see before you. ...

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Top recommendations for you: