The 100 best Instagram accounts of 2016


Wow I can’t believe it’s already year 2 in our top 100 Instagram series. Last year’s list was amazing (and actually contained 150 awesome Instagram accounts) but this year is equally stunning — if not more so! This year you will find a LOT of nature, outdoor and adventure photography. I guess that’s just what I ran into most over the last 12 months. Regular readers know that I build my top 100 lists over the period of 1 year, adding items to an Evernote list as I organically encounter them. And the result is a list of the 100 best Instagram accounts I ran into during that time that I think you should check out over the next 12 months! Note: I’m trying to only include people on this list once so if someone appeared last year they shouldn’t be on this year’s list unless I made a mistake.

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Featured Account

Last year we asked you guys to support up-and-coming Instagram account pure.west...

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