MYO review: an armband that controls your world through gestures


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Using a computer mouse — and even using our fingers to tap on our phones — may be actions of the past sooner than you might think. Voice control is blowing up thanks to Apple’s purchase os Siri a few years ago, it’s subsequent integration into all things Apple (I’m loving it on the new Apple TV by the way) and the AI arms race that ensued between Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others. But gesture-based control is another computing revolution that, while still in it’s infancy, is showing lots of promise.

One device in particular — the MYO Gesture Control Armband — is pretty mind-blowing when you realize the possibilities and potential. It’s an armband that can interpret muscle movements in the thick part of your forearm and turn them into signals your computer or phone can read.

In this review I’m going to get into what it can do, how well it works and how comfortable it is to use. At the end I’ll also give you a recommendation as to who should consider buying a MYO.

Let’s go!

Uses and apps

The MYO is in early stages — that much is made plain by what the device can currently do which is a lot or a little depending on who you are. For ...

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