The 3 best gaming TVs for early 2016 (great deals)


The best gaming TVs are the ones that have the least lag. Put differently, when you pull the trigger you don’t want to be aiming at a ghost. So you’re really looking at two things: input lag and motion blur. The blur factor comes into play because the less motion blur, the clearer your game appears; so when the action is fast-paced you’ll have a super-accurate understanding of what is happening in-game with the best TVs for gamers.

But the best gaming TVs aren’t just good for playing games: they are also great for streaming Netflix, watching 4K content, using apps and other smart TV features and, of course, showing a clear picture (the hallmark of an awesome TV). But if you’re a serious gamer and you live and breathe Xbox, Playstation or both, everything else is just icing on the cake. Thinness, design and looks, brightness, brand, etc. all matter to gamers, of course, but those things don’t actually help you game more beautifully or competitively.

So the three best gaming TVs I’ve picked out below will help you dominate your opponents without decimating your wallet. I’ve chosen these particular TVs based first and foremost on their excellent input lag and motion blur capabilities, but I’ve also chosen them because you can get GREAT deals on them right now.

Things to know: these TVs ...

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