The 7 best 4K monitors for Mac or PC users available now (2016)


4K is one of those things that once you’ve used it (or seen it, in this case), you can’t go back to what you used (or looked at before). Not without crying at least. 4K packs quadruple the resolution of plain old HD making images SUPER sharp. That makes 4K monitors ideal for a variety of people including designers, gamers, video editors and animators (just to name a few).

But don’t think that just because 4K is hot right now that it’s out of your price range. As you look over my picks for the best UHD (Ultra-High Definition — aka 4K) computer monitors for Mac and PC users I think you’ll be really pleasantly surprised by the prices! The last monitor I list packs in a ton of top-notch features and only costs about $400. Of course things can get pricier if you demand unsurpassed performance (and there are several monitors like that listed here as well).

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Samsung U32D970Q 32″ 4K UHD Monitor


Unlike it’s performance, the Samsung U32D970Q has rather humble looks. That’s because it doesn’t need a crazy design to impress. Aside from it’s 4K chops and enormous size, this monitor is displays incredibly accurate colors making it perfect for designers. Additionally, this monitor has a killer ...

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