5 Ways Website Popups are Changing the Conversion Funnel


Modern website popups are a powerful tool which blazed onto the internet marketing stage last year, and haven’t slowed down.

Initially we saw a significant push-back by traditional marketers who knew them of old as, well… this:


This is what comes to mind when a lot of marketers think “popups.” Except that they’re behind the times.

Popups are now more targeted, more contextual, more timely and substantially easier to create than they ever have been. And as a result they’re changing the way we market online.

This article will dive into the five primary ways popups are being utilized online (and why). I’ll also show you how I’ve used them on my own site to double blog subscription and increase the number of people sent to our signup page by 33% since early December.

Let’s get into it.

5 Ways to Keep your Website Visitors from Hating your Popups (Best Practices)

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that popups can be super annoying. They stop you from doing whatever you were doing and interrupt your web-browsing flow.

Here are 5 ways to make them as painless (and optimized for your desired conversion) as possible:

  1. Make it obvious how a viewer can exit. Do not hide the “X.” Most 3rd-party popup tools make it possible simply to click away the popup to make it go away. This is best

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