3 smartphones you’ve never heard of that are REALLY cool

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Are you looking for a cool iPhone alternative? How about an alternative to all the Android phone models you’re tired of hearing about like the Galaxy and Nexus lineups? Do you want a phone that’s really, truly different and not just incrementally “new”? Do you want a phone that can make your friends jelly? Something that makes you actually stand out from the crowd? A phone designed by a group of people that actually thought outside the box and didn’t just hire a marketing firm to say they did?

I mean, if we’re honest, it’s been awhile since a phone really amazed anyone with it’s new features. I mean, ya, people are excited when a new iPhone comes out because people just like new things. We all get tired of our technology so quickly these days that ANY little announcement makes us go bonkers. But deep down inside we’re all like, “That’s it?” We want more, I think, than “under the hood” changes. We want something that looks different or imagines a new way of doing things. And that is what this list is all about.

Look, I have nothing against iPhones or Android phones. I’m rockin my iPhone 6s daily and I’ve got a Nexus 6P that’s the nicest Android phone I’ve ever used. When the iPhone 7 comes out I’ll be interested (and ...

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