How machine learning is revolutionizing recruiting


Boon Founder Dakota Younger on how machine learning is changing the industry

With the increasing demand for technical talent, it’s no surprise that the recruiting arms race continues to push companies to create new ways of attracting the very best people… One of the newest weapons in the arsenal in machine learning. Boon founder Dakota Younger answers some of the pressing questions facing machine learning in recruiting.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is giving computers the ability to learn without explicit programming. This is done through pattern recognition. For example, if you tell a computer to find the best candidates for a job by identifying patterns in data that produce the best results. In this way, a computer will find correlations and patterns that a human would overlook – leading to increasingly higher quality candidates.

Beyond that, the possibilities are infinite! Imagine that you are able to predict the crash of a certain market, and know that there will be a surplus of available candidates in that specific field, you can then focus your efforts as a recruiter to take advantage of that situation. The ability to predict upticks and downticks in a given market is a revolutionary new possibility thanks to machine learning. It would give recruiters a serious advantage over their competitors and would allow them to reach out and make connections ...

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