The 4 best cheap (budget) tablets you can buy NOW (early 2016)


I used to think that cheap tablets were crappy tablets; but I don’t think that anymore. Yes, there are some (severely) horrible budget tablets (you know, like those $30 tablets from brands like Coby, iView and Zeepad). Don’t buy those (please, I beg of you!). But this year there are some seriously decent (even quite nice) budget tablets from reputable brands like Amazon, Lenovo, Samsung and yes, even Apple. In fact, I think you’ll be a bit surprised at just how far you can stretch those dollars when you see my list of the best cheap tablets (in the $99-$399 price range). If you’re looking for the best budget tablet under $400, under $300, under $200 or even at $100, this is the article for you. If you’re looking for the best budget tablet under $100… this isn’t your article (but let me know if you’re desperate in the comments and I’ll try to make a recommendation for you).

There are plenty of reasons to get a budget tablet. Maybe you’re a student and you just need something you can actually afford! Or maybe you’re a parent and you want to get a tablet or two your family can share (or a tablet that isn’t too expensive in case your kids, you know, break it). Maybe you need some cheap tablets to give to your ...

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