What is content marketing? A simple explainer


Content marketing is simply the act of creating content (such as a blog post or video) that introduces potential customers to a product or company without seeming like an ad. That’s it!

But there are two major keys to running a successful content marketing campaign. The first is to embed a mention of your product or company, along with a link, within useful and relevant information that people are genuinely interested in (versus information you WANT them to be interested in). The second is to ensure your content gets seen by publishing it where your target audience is likely to consume it.

For example, if you’ve created a new app or gadget it would make sense to publish an article that mentions and links to your product on an influential tech blog. Of course you can’t just snap your fingers and have an article published on The Verge or in the tech sections of The New York Times or Buzzfeed. Still, there is an effective way to get your content in front of your desired audience.

Increasingly, many publishers are offering sponsored content opportunities — or paid article placements. Unfortunately large sites (and influencer marketing companies) often charge thousands of dollars for the privilege — which removes paid content marketing as a viable option for many startups. But affordable, lucrative deals can be found....

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