The 5 best new phones launched at Mobile World Congress 2016


If you’re looking for the best new phone of 2016, a good place to start is always with the batch of smartphones that inevitably launches at Mobile World Congress (MWC) each year. And 2016’s MWC certainly didn’t disappoint! For instance, this year LG launched what looks like it’s best phone ever — and what could shape up to be THE best Android phone of the year (we’ll see, but it will certainly be hard to top in terms of what it can do). Samsung also updated it’s flagship Galaxy lineup, Alcatel threw down the gauntlet in terms of phone packaging (wait until you see what they did) and Sony debuted some really interesting camera upgrades for their Xperia X lineup. Of course, there were a few potential flops, but we won’t mention any of those here.

Mobile World Congress is also an event that tends to set the pace for where all non-Apple phones are headed in the coming months and this year is no different. Several trends are already becoming apparent. A couple I’ve noticed: always on screens and phones with exclusive accessories (ranging from cameras to robots to smart ear pieces).

Here’s a glimpse at the best, coolest and most interesting new phones of 2016 which just launched at MWC. But first, check out the best selling smartphones on Amazon right now for ...

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