An indoor smart garden inspired by NASA: Click and Grow review

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I really like the idea of growing my own food, but as lazy and as busy as I am, I’m not sure planting and cultivating a garden out back is going to be realistic this year (with a second baby on the way). Growing a small indoor garden with almost zero effort, on the other hand, sounds much more doable. I would know: I’ve tried both over the last year.

Last year my wife and I tried planting a traditional garden in our back yard. We thought it would be fun. We picked out a sunny spot, bought some materials from Lowes, bought some dirt and seeds and got to building and planting. Hmm. Turns out just getting that garden started was a lot of work. And then remembering to water it enough and pick our fruits and veggies before they went bad or before the bugs got to them became new chores.

I don’t regret starting that garden. It was fun and rewarding and made me appreciate our modern food chain a lot more. But there is definitely an easier, techier way to grow food: Click and Grow.

Click and Grow is a smart garden that takes almost all the effort out of gardening. It’s a system that consists of a special light, a water tank and special seeds and dirt. It grows ...

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