Qlippie tiny wearable camera review


So the Qlippie is a small, wearable camera that shoots HD video — not unlike the Narrative Clip 2 or SnapCam. The big idea is that you can clip it onto your clothes or jacket or bag stop and let it capture what you’re experiencing hands-free. It’s a cool premise that I’m personally really interested in because it seems like a great way to do more first-hand living rather than experiencing events through your photos or videos later on.

The Qlippe is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but still it’s large enough that people will almost certainly notice it when you’re wearing it. True to it’s name, there’s a clip on the back that lets you attach to things.

It can be a little tricky knowing what side is up, but it’s the side with the power button on top. Other than the power button, there are two other buttons: one for switching shooting modes (between video, time-lapse, slow-mo or photo) and one for entering pairing or syncing mode since Qlippie comes with it’s own app.

On the side you’ll also find a mic and a mini-USB port as well.

One interesting thing about the Qlippie is that you can skin it with some included stickers. Personally I could care less about those and don’t really love any of the ...

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