JustFly’s three habits that every world traveler needs to know


Whether this is your first trip abroad, or if it’s the 5th time you’ve circled the globe, getting ready for a big adventure still brings on the feelings of excitement, nervousness, and naturally, anticipation. While on the road you’ll meet and discover new faces and places, taste different foods, and hear all sorts of strange sounds. Traveling brings on all sorts of changes, whether they’re dramatic or subtle, but during this chaos JustFly reviews how these three habits are the ones you should practice every day while you’re away to make sure your trip is the best on possible. 

Sleep well and get rest

Ask any seasoned traveler their opinion about sleep and getting rest, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: They can’t get enough of it. The benefits of sleep have long been studied, and science shows that lack of sleep can lead to a number of things that you definitely don’t want to deal with on your trip. When you’re sleep deprived on the road, the chances of you catching a cold are greatly increased. You’re your immune system experiencing a radically different environment, coupled with your lack of sleep, your body becomes compromised and susceptible to catching a nasty cold! But if the sniffles don’t get you, then the migraines and headaches might: research demonstrates that lack of sleep ...

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