u-Jays headphones review: best all-around wired headphones

u-Jays Review 1

If there’s one thing I love it’s finding an amazing new product that nobody’s really heard of yet and that’s exactly what just happened with the u-Jays on-ear headphones from Jays. These are $230 Swedish headphones that have a remote and work with iOS and Android devices as well as any Mac or PC so let’s dive right in.


First up I want to talk about the sound which is both more bright and less washed-out than most other headphones I’ve listened to.

These headphones come very close to being the best sounding headphones I’ve ever listened to, but not quite. I’d say they’re right up there in the 96th percentile though.

They’re actually meant to be able to deliver better sound quality at a lower volume to save your hearing and I have to say that they definitely deliver on that promise as they sound excellent and strikingly powerful even with the volume turned almost all the way down.

But just because they sound good at a low volume doesn’t meant they don’t get loud. I actually wouldn’t even want to listen to these baby’s at full power because they get so loud! How loud? Even though they’re closed-back headphones, you’ll hear some significant sound leakage once you pass 50% volume — that’s how loud! You could set these on your desk and ...

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