Wold’s thinnest portable battery charger? LifeCard review

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Our favorite tech and tech accessories are the ones that take up the least amount of space while being as functional as possible. If you need an example just check out the ever-thinning flagship iPhone lineup. And there’s actually a good reason for that type of thinking, at least for me: when I’m headed to the coffee shop to get some work done or when I’m traveling I want to keep things as light as possible and that’s why I’m pretty excited about the LifeCard and LifeLink from PlusUs.

Let’s start with the LifeCard which claims to be the world’s thinnest and most compact portable phone battery. I can’t actually verify that claim but I can tell you it IS really freakin thin. It’s about the thickness of 3 credit cards and it’s designed to fit in your wallet.

The LifeCard is available for both iOS and Android phones and has a 1,500 milliamp capacity. For some perspective, that’s about 45% of a fully charged iPhone 6s battery. So it’s not going to give you a full extra day’s worth of a charge, but it can definitely extend the life of your phone on a busy day or come in handy in a pinch.

I really like the built-in cable that stores within itself. This means you’ve got everything you need in one sleek package ...

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