ChatSim: free texting for travelers (use your phone overseas)

ChatSim Review - 1 - final

The first time I traveled to Europe I had no idea how or even if it would be possible to bring my phone along with me because, of course, I wanted to be able to communicate with people back home. I really wish I had known about the ChatSim back then because it’s a really cheap and easy solution for bringing your phone with you when you travel.

So this article (and video) should help answer questions you might have like: “How can I use my phone when I travel overseas?” or “How do I use a different sim card when I travel?” or “How can I text and message friends and family when abroad?” among others.

So the ChatSim is a sim card that costs $25 for US residents and comes with free text and emoji messaging for 1 year. And if you want to be able to send photos and videos while you’re out and a bout you can add some credits which start as low as $12 to make that happen. So it really doesn’t get any cheaper than that.

If you’re not sure what a sim card is it’s basically a little card that fits in your phone that contains a unique number that lets you hop on a cell network. When you’re traveling overseas the last thing you want to ...

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