Apple Watch 2 Rumor Roundup


The Apple Watch certainly wasn’t the first smartwatch on the market, but since it hit the shelves in April 2015, it has become the top selling model. Like so many other Apple products, the Apple Watch’s elegant design, great apps, intuitive usability, and of course the hype built from Apple’s quasi-religious brand image, had many gadget lovers giddy with excitement. That’s not to say that there weren’t a few drawbacks and limitations to the device, such as its total dependency on the iPhone, as you might expect from the first iteration of a new product.

Now, though, the rumor mill is beginning to turn with people speculating on the details of the Apple Watch 2’s launch, features, and how these features will improve on the original. Let’s take a look at just a few of the things we could expect from the hotly anticipated gadget.

Release and Cost

As always with Apple, the actual release date of the Apple Watch 2 is the source of excitable speculation. The release date is now expected to be announced at the annual WWDC event in June, possibly to be rolled out alongside the iPhone 7 in September. At Apple’s launch event on March 21st this year, originally thought to be the announcement date, only new wristbands were unveiled, as well as a basic price drop to ...

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