A $100 Projector: Should You Buy It? (BlitzWolf Projector Review)

BW Projector 1 final

Back when I lived in a college dorm room, a guy down the hall from me had a projector he hooked up to his Xbox. I saw a lot of students with a lot of dorm setups — including expensive TVs — but nothing could beat playing Halo on an entire wall. Ever since then I’ve been curious about whether or not a projector was really something worth looking into. Fast forward to the present where I’ve been testing out the BlitzWolf BW-MP1 Mini WiFi projector and I’ve definitely started to form some conclusions.

As always lets do a quick feature rundown before I get into what I like and don’t like about this device.

This is a wireless projector which means you can Airplay content from an iPhone or iPad, for instance, and the screen size gets as large as 130”: that’s more than twice as large as a 60” TV!

Unfortunately, this projector only has a resolution of 1080P HD, but for just $99 I can manage to forgive it — especially for making my gaming on the wall dreams come true. Plus, most 4K projectors cost well over $2,000, so…

One nice feature is just the size: it’s pretty small and is about as wide as a person’s hand. So if you’re not a fan of clunky hardware sitting around in your ...

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