The 5 Best Lightning Headphones for the new iPhone


When rumors surfaced that the iPhone 7 would ditch the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of accessories that would use only the Lightning port the first thought to cross many a person’s mind was: “Crap.” If you had a favorite (or expensive) pair of headphones that you loved, this was potentially devastating (or at least annoying) news since it meant one of two things: 1.) a headphones upgrade or 2.) a less-than-sleek adapter setup or some sort of jury rig. And so… Lightning headphones are going to be a (potentially) big thing now.

Of course you could simply go the wireless route and ditch worries about cables and ports altogether. But there are downsides to wireless headphones: namely battery life and potentially spotty connections.

But maybe it’s not all bad news, this business of headphones that need a Lightning connector. For one thing, wouldn’t it be cool if your iPhone could charge your headphones while you listen to your favorite music or podcast? Or what if your headphones could charge your iPhone! Those are both possibilities that wouldn’t have been possible with a 3.5mm jack. Plus, a digital connection is just better and, of course, the space normally occupied by the old headphone jack can be used by Apple in creative new ways.

But then again, there is a major drawback to Lightning headphones: you ...

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