Art List Review: The Best New Way to Get Music for Movies and YouTube Videos

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Music and movies go together like the moon and the stars. But for producers of independent movies and people like YouTube content creators, sourcing high-quality music at affordable prices was very tricky. I say was because now there is Art List which recently launched in beta. I’ve been testing Art List and have some thoughts for you on the service, but first let me explain a bit about why a person like me (who creates several YouTube videos every week) can get so excited about it.

Let’s start with the obvious: good music can elevate your video project in major ways. It can add emotion, excitement, context and can help editors and storytellers get more creative in the way the final project turns out. The opposite is also true: movies without music can be boring, mundane and even seem a bit soulless.

For most of the last year I have sourced music for my videos from Audio Jungle. I liked a decent amount of the music I found on the site, but WOW: that was very expensive. Tracks on Audio Jungle were routinely costing me between $14-30 a piece. So in a typical month I could easily spend over $300.

The worst part about sites like Audio Jungle? The licensing. Most songs are available to be used in one end product. One measly video. That ...

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