What is the Deep Web and Why Should You Care?


Did you ever come across the term “Deep Web,” only to not know what it means and why is it important?

That’s OK. The majority of internet users around the globe don’t have a clue about this un-indexed area of the web. The name oozes mystery and skepticism, which is perhaps why not many choose to explore further.

So what is the Deep Web exactly?

Put simply, it is the part of the web that can’t be accessed by a search engine like Google. The only way to access this area of the internet is by doing a search within a certain database. It is different from the Surface Web, which can be discovered through link-crawling. In other words, the Deep Web consists of documents or pages that are not easy to find, and many of which require a password to be accessed.

Trend Micro reports that the Deep Web has more than one underground economy and each of them operate in a different way. But they dismiss that there is an underground, stating that the worldwide cybercrime underground is a patchwork of different cultures and countries, each different and unique in its own style. For instance, the Chinese underground, hidden in the Deep Web, is a prototype hub, selling hardware and software found in its counterparts. It also boasts unique offerings such as leaked-data ...

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