The 6 Best New Ultrawide Monitors (for Gaming, Macs, Streaming, Business, Budget, etc.)


From gamers to designers to business people it seems that interest in ultrawide monitors is really taking off. And it’s no wonder: ultrawide displays let you see — and do — more. Gamers love being immersed in the gaming worlds they love, designers love having bigger artboards with more room for whitespace and tools and business folks love being able to have to windows open side-by-side with room to breathe.

Of course ultrawides aren’t for everyone. Plenty of people prefer 4K or 5K monitors, like the iMac, (several prominent video editors I know of, for instance). And no, ultrawide monitors are not the same as 4K monitors as the resolutions are different (3840 × 2160 on 4K monitors vs 3440 x 1440 on ultrawides), even though they can both be considered QHD or UHD in terms of quality.

If you want to create the ultimate desk setup with multiple monitors, going ultrawide (with curved displays) is going to be the most visually stunning approach. Gaming with 3 ultrawide monitors is an unparalleled experience. Getting work done with 2 ultrawides side-by-side is like nothing else. And watching a movie on an ultrawide? I’m sure you can imagine…

If you’re interested in mounting these monitors on the wall, rather than have them taking up precious desk real estate, that’s no problem: just grab a VESA mount...

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