ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum/Sweeper Review: A Nice Budget-Friendly Cleaning Robot


After you reach a certain age — I kid you not — robots that clean your house for you become some of your most beloved gadgets (seriously). In my house we’ve got three pets and a toddler running around: things get messy quickly and I find that my wife and I have less and less time (or willpower) to clean as much as we’d like (or maybe should is a more apt word). So, I repeat: cleaning robots are Awesome.

At the moment I’ve got three beloved robotic cleaners in my arsenal: a Neato BotVac (vacuum), an iRobot Braava (sweeper) and, the newest addition, the ILIFE A4 Smart Vacuum Cleaner. The A4 is billed as a full-on vacuum cleaner, but I actually found that it doesn’t work the best on carpeted areas (at least not compared to the much pricier Neato BotVac). If you are looking for a robotic vacuum, I will say this product can handle surface carpet cleaning alright, but I just don’t think it gets super deep (way down where the real dirt and grime persists). It does, however, work very well on hard floors. And in that sense I’d call it a great budget alternative to a robot like the Braava.

When the opportunity presented itself to review the ILIFE A4, I quickly pounced. Looking over the product information I ...

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