The 3 Best Digital Art Frames for Home, Office or Man Cave Decor


As I’ve stated time and again on this site, I love being surrounded by creativity. It makes me happy and more productive and provides inspiration for my work. Recently, while putting together my dream iMac desk setup, I stumbled across some digital art frames (which I ended up incorporated into my setup). And now I’m hooked on digital art and digital art frames.

For me, there are two main reasons to be excited about digital art frames. First, the art that you can display is (easily) changeable. One frame can display nearly unlimited amounts of art — whereas previously a person would have needed to physically remove and replace a framed piece of art, now it’s just a tap of an app away.

Second, the art that can be displayed on a digital art frame is movable; it’s not limited to being stationary and static like art has been for so many thousands of years. That means that living, looping gifs, movies and cinemagraphs can come to life on your walls. After having owned my digital art frames for a several weeks at this point, I do enjoy displaying certain excellent photographs or older “real world” artworks from time to time, but far and away my favorite art to display moves. Waterfalls that cascade endlessly, animations, a photorealistic dog that moves so subtly that ...

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