The 3 Best Smart Luggage (and Carry-On Bag) Options Available Now


I’ve traveled more than most people I know in the last decade and I’ve discovered several “travel hacks” and common sense rules that make getting through an airport better and easier. But if I could only give someone one piece of advice — my very best travel advice — I would tell them to invest in smart luggage. 

My reasoning is simple: there isn’t one other travel accessory or item you can bring with you that can streamline your airport experience more than a smart carry-on bag. And by “smart” I mean a bag that does at least three things: charges your gadgets (so you don’t have to be that person sitting on the floor next to an outlet at someone’s feet), weighs your bag with a built-in scale (so you know you can avoid overage charges) and tracks your bag (so you can find it if it gets lost as well as pick it up quicker at baggage claim). Those features are the minimum required for entry to this list; but several smart suitcases go above and beyond in the tech department.

Since this article is part of The 3 Best Series here on DailyTekk, I forced myself to narrow down what I felt were the 3 best options in the smart luggage category. My personal experience to in-depth research informed my decisions, ...

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