Moto Z (and Z Force): Comprehensive First Impressions


Homer Simpson could do the perfect ad for the Moto Z: Mmmmmmmoto Zzzzzzzzz. Yes, the Moto Z — and it’s slightly thicker and much sturdier big brother, the Moto Z Force — certainly seem drool-worthy. If you’re interested in looking into the Moto Z this article is going to save you A LOT of time. Several first impressions of the Moto Z have already hit the internet and I’ve thoroughly pored over the ones that matter to spotting trends and connecting the dots. You’re now reading the result of my research: a mega first impression article that compresses everything top reviewers with early access to the device as observed so far (you’re welcome).

Just in case you don’t already know, the Moto Z and the slightly thicker and sturdier Z Force are Motorola’s newest flagship smartphones. The big deal with these phones is that they’re modular: you can snap on an extra battery pack, speaker, styled shell or even a mini-projector! Since the (reputable) in-depth Moto Z reviews won’t be out for a while, we’ll have to make due with first impressions — but there’s plenty to glean about Motorola’s best new phones already as you’re about to see.

Let’s start with the Moto Z’s modularity. The sources I combed through seemed to feel that this was the best modular smartphone implementation we’re ...

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