The 3 Best Monitor Stands Available Now


Looking for the best monitor stand can be a pain simply because there are so many to choose from. For today’s edition of “The 3 Best” I thought I’d narrow things down to 3 options for you in order to make things easier. I will admit, I had an Apple/Mac user in mind when I chose these particular monitor stands, but don’t worry: if you’re a PC user I think you’ll like them just as well!

There are several advantages to owning a monitor stand. The most obvious is that they can add some height which can help you sit with a more ergonomic posture (and anything with health benefits for people who work at a desk all day is welcome in my book). Ergonomics aside, and depending on your desk, some extra height can simply offer a more comfortable viewing angle.

Another major benefit (and one of the main reasons I use one of the monitor stands I recommend below) is that you can store your keyboard and mouse under many monitor stands (all the ones I’ve listed here). This is great if you need to sign documents, sketch or do anything else that requires extra desk space and for just storing your items when they aren’t in use.

The last two benefits are both great, but often come one at the expense ...

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