Samsung KS8000 8 Series 4K HDR TV Review


As a tech reviewer it seems like all I hear about these days is LG’s OLED TV technology. From the way people are talking, you’d think there are no other TV technologies even worth considering. While I’m positive that LG’s OLED TV lineup looks gorgeous, I’m here to tell you that yes, indeed, there are other incredible televisions on the market; among them, the Samsung KS8000 series 4K HDR sets.

The 2016 Samsung 8 Series lineup is just a step under Samsung’s top-of-the-line 9 Series. Samsung TVs get 4K support starting with the 7 Series which makes the 8 Series the mid-tier 4K offering from the company (with the budget, non-UHD TVs living in the 5 and 6 Series). In layman’s terms I’d say any KS8000 TV qualifies as a premium TV without a luxury price tag (but still, that doesn’t make it “cheap”).

The TV I’m reviewing here is a 2016 model and I can say without a doubt that it crushes the 2015 Samsung SUHD models that came before it in almost every possible way. It looks better, it’s thinner and lighter, the menu’s have been simplified and are much easier to use… the list goes on. If you’ve found on a deal on a 2015 SUHD TV I’d recommend spending the extra cash to get the 2016 model. The difference is night ...

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