The 3 Best New Smart Scales for Losing Weight and Staying Fit and Healthy


If there’s one area in our lives where technology should bring great improvements it’s health. And thankfully, it is. These days we’ve got fitness trackers and smartwatches, tech-infused sleep aids, health and fitness apps galore and, da da da… smart scales.

I definitely do wear my Apple Watch regularly — and it certainly does a great job keeping track of things like steps and my heart rate — but of all the health gadgets out there I value my smart scale most of all. I’ve been using a Withings smart scale for a couple of years now and the data that it has measured for me has been invaluable.

Why? Trends. It’s one thing to see if you’re up or down a pound or two from day to day, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when you can analyze your weight — and other metrics — over the course of a year or two. Those are the numbers that really matter as they show how well you are sticking to your fitness routines and diet (healthy or otherwise). I find this long-term data incredibly motivating.

As you may know by now, there are several smart scales on the market from which to choose from. Some from company’s you may have heard of and others from cheap knockoff brands. Most of them all measure the ...

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