Wikibuy Saves You TONS of Money When Shopping on Amazon!

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It’s not everyday I find something online I can call ingenious, but today definitely qualifies. When I was asked to write about a Chrome extension I thought to myself, “Bo-ring.” But as soon as I checked it out I changed my tune to, “Ba-rilliant.” I won’t keep you in suspense any longer: I’m talking about Wikibuy. In a world where dozens — if not hundreds — of tech startups are born and die every day, it takes more and more to impress me  (and consumers in general). And Wikibuy does, for several reasons. Mainly because it does what it claims: finds a better all-in price when you shop on Amazon. Once you have Wikibuy installed in Chrome, just start browsing Amazon as you normally would. When you land on a product page, you’ll see the Wikibuy logo down in the left corner: within 10 seconds (and usually much faster) you’ll get an offer from Wikibuy. If the item can be had for a lower price than it is on Amazon, Wikibuy will find it and display that price, including shipping, as an offer. You’ll also see how long it takes to get the item shipped.


If you use Wikibuy to make a purchase, you’ll buy directly ...

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