The 3 Best Wi-Fi Range Extenders You Can Buy Now


Today’s digital recreation — streaming movies and TV shows and online gaming — is placing a higher demand on our Wi-Fi networks than ever before. Whether you live in a large house or simply want a faster Wi-Fi connection (since Wi-Fi signals degrade the further you are away from your router — and walls and floors do nothing to help), a Wi-Fi range extender can be awesome.

There are lots of reasons to buy a range extender, actually. You might want to hardwire a gaming console or smart TV using an ethernet cord in a room that’s not wired for an ethernet jack. You might want to stream a lot of 4K content and your current Wi-Fi setup just isn’t cutting it. Maybe you need MU-MIMO support so everyone’s devices in the house aren’t sunk when someone starts gaming. Whatever your situation is, I’ve got you covered with some great recommendations.

In my house, streaming slows down around 6pm when everyone in the neighborhood starts streaming too. Wi-Fi congestion can be a real problem in dense neighborhoods and, depending on your ISP and internet connection type, digital traffic jams can happen too. And when they do, it’s best to move into the fastest possible lane you can; and that’s something a Wi-Fi range extender can help you do.

Since this is a roundup of “the ...

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