The New Xbox One S Controller Reviewed, Tested and Compared


When I published the Xbox One S unboxing video recently it was obvious from the comments that people were really interested in the new Xbox controller. It’s no surprise: the new wireless Xbox controller has a few new features that, while not game changing, are indeed nice additions.

Obviously, as you can tell from the photo above or the video overview embedded below, there’s a new color scheme at play. I’m calling this the Stormtrooper redesign because the new Xbox One S and the accompanying controllers are all black and white. And I think it looks awesome (no surprise to DailyTekk’s YouTube subscribers). Of course, it’s a matter of opinion: some people will like the new color and some won’t, but one thing is certain: it shows dirt and grime quicker/easier than the previous black controller.

Along with the new color comes a very slight redesign which Microsoft has labeled “more streamlined.” In reality, it’s hard to notice the difference. This alone is definitely not a reason to upgrade from the previous generation.

But one new feature that is pretty awesome is the new textured grip. It’s one of the first things you’ll notice when you hold the new controller, though it’s not overly grippy (just grippier). I don’t think this is going to alter anyone’s actual game playing abilities in a major way, ...

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