Autonomous Standing Desk Review: Quality at the Best (Lowest) Price


I recently upgraded just about everything in my office and as part of that process I went looking for the best motorized standing desk I could find at a reasonable price. I was more excited than a person should probably be about a desk when I stumbled across the Autonomous standing desk. And, because it was so affordable, it’s safe to say that I was somewhat skeptical about placing an order. Would the quality be up to snuff? How reliable could it be? Long story short, I’m very glad I placed that order (and I’ll be placing more in the future).

Oh and by the way, this is the desk everyone keeps asking me about from my ultimate iMac setup video not long ago.

Some people (and lots of companies) claim that standing desks are healthier to use than old-fashioned “normal” desks. They say that sitting is the new smoking. I’m not going to weigh in on that debate in this review because for me the appeal of a standing desk came down to two things. First, I just like the idea of having an option to sit or stand — sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. And second, I’m a tech guy so I’m naturally interested in a desk that does more than just sit there (I can’t help it).

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